Car Stereo Installation


After over 23 years of installing and repairing car audio equipment we have seen many of the problems associated with trying to replace original equipment audio units , from simple wiring issues to having to build vehicle specific trim panels , where mainstream suppliers have decided not to produce aftermarket trims.

This means we are able to still work on vehicles with old fashioned style wiring and fitting requirements, where the customer does not want to change the original look of the vehicle dash layout , although they want up to date audio options.

We are also well positioned to work on vehicles with new style electrical systems incorporating CAN BUS , MOST and Fibreoptic connection systems .

Over the years we have worked on many American and Japanese import vehicles and are familiar with their sometimes unusual wiring requirements.

We have invested heavily in test equipment and are able to offer SPL (Sound Pressure Level) testing with our laboratory calibrated RTA ( Real Time Analyser) this also allows us to set up audio systems and print off their acoustic response curves.

This means we can show improvements gained when replacing speakers , amplifiers or head units.

We are also an official ALPINE dealer and therefore we can offer a computer set up SERVICE for their new IMPRINT system.

If you have any installation requirements BIG or small please contact us for a quotation.

We can fit your equipment as well as equipment we supply

See our Install Gallery for various installation Images.

For more installation examples see our Boot BuildGalleries

We have also had the Fun of more extreme installations such as a 38" Subwoofer into the Load area of an American Chevvy SSR Truck or the Stainless Steel installation to allow two Vibe Sub Boxes to be fitted away from the luggage area of a Hummer H2 to allow the customer to still fit his Golf clubs in.